Welcome to the comprehensive ESG in Fintech research report

Our latest milestone: The release of the CAREinFintech research findings, a deep dive into the ESG reporting landscape within Denmark and the EU’s Fintech sector.

We are thrilled to share our latest findings with the publication of the comprehensive ESG in Fintech report, which can now be found here.

In extension of the recently published ESG Compass, this report is a culmination of dedicated research and collaboration, which delves into the realm of environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting within the dynamic Fintech landscape of Denmark and the EU.

As the demand for ethical and sustainable business conduct gains momentum, it becomes imperative for both investors and startups to adeptly navigate the intricate landscape for ESG reporting. However, while regulations place responsibility on businesses to disclose the ESG impact of their operations, little guidance or consensus exists for how this applies to the specific landscape of fintech.

Our exploration is focused on creating an overview of the current status of ESG reporting within Fintech businesses, particularly startups, who often face unique challenges due to their resource limitations. The report offers an insightful overview of the drivers and methodologies underpinning ESG implementation, while also spotlighting the significant barriers that hinder its adoption. The report presents recommendations for various stakeholders within the Fintech ecosystem – including startups, venture capitalists, regulatory bodies, and clusters – on how to navigate these hurdles. As we are now sharing the results from our research, we invite professionals and researchers alike to freely read, share, and make use of the comprehensive insights and practical recommendations in order to render ESG reporting in the sector more accessible.

The CAREinFintech project is composed of researchers from IT University of Copenhagen and Syracuse University and was made possible with contributions by industry leaders like Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund and Tekudo, and interviews with venture capital managers, asset owners, and startups. We sincerely thank Copenhagen Fintech for funding and supporting the development of the ESG in Fintech Report and Compass.

As we are building on this publication with the follow-up project IDEAforFintech, we are excited to continue our resarch on ESG in the fintech sector in collaboration with PreSeed Ventures, Rejoose and Tekudo. Stay tuned for more findings coming out in the future.

We hope you enjoy the read!