News: Research Visit by Sébastien Brossard

Our research group is thrilled to announce the collaboration with Sébastien Brossard, a PhD Fellow from the Department of Management, Society, and Communication, who brings a fresh perspective to this intriguing domain. Sébastien’s work delves into the intricate dynamics between employees and Algorithmic Management Systems (AMS), specifically focusing on the concept of “resistive compliance” among employees.

The rationale behind Sébastien’s project stems from a critical examination of existing organizational research on AMS. While much attention has been given to instances of employee resistance to AMS, Sébastien’s approach seeks to broaden this perspective by exploring the phenomenon of “resistive compliance.” This nuanced concept encapsulates the idea of employees engaging with AMS systems, albeit in a manner that reflects a subtle resistance to complete adherence.

In his empirical endeavors, Sébastien employs an analytical framework that draws inspiration from Simondon’s work on technology. By applying Simondon’s theoretical lens, Sébastien sheds light on the ‘digital subject’ – an emergent entity within the data-driven organization, shaped by the dynamics of data capitalism and power imbalances.

We are very inspired by Sébastien’s research and are happy to host him for the coming months.