News: The REFLACT Winter Seminar '23

In a lively and productive atmosphere, the REFLACT research group recently met for our bi-annual full-day seminar, dedicating this session to the completion of a significant milestone – our first collective publication, The Action Research Booklet. Set against the backdrop of the playful ambiance at Zoku hotel in Amager, the seminar gathered our author group and our publisher, Really Simple Syndication Press (RSS Press), to shape our drafts into an exciting book concept. Here’s a sneak peek of what we came up with:

At the core of our publication is the essence of Action Research. Action Research in general can be understood as a methodology that supports “learning by doing”, meaning that it contributes to the practical concerns of people in their immediate problem-situation, while satisfying the goal of scientific learning. The Action Research booklet is a compilation of chapters authored by our members and other affiliated researchers, and it shares our individual and mutual experiences with Action Research – the common thread that binds our research group together.

Collaborating with an independent art, theory, and literature publisher RSS Press has allowed us to create a book that goes beyond traditional boundaries. The Action Research Booklet is designed to be open, graphically experimental, and living. Its structure is envisioned to be editable, allowing researchers to continuously contribute emerging approaches and share new experiences within the realm of action research.

More than just a collection of insights, our booklet aims to be pedagogical. The individual sections within the publication serve as resources for classrooms, supervision sessions, and academic discussions. These sections provide a platform to explore the diverse meanings that different traditions of action research can hold in various contexts.

While we wrap up the final details of the booklet, we look forward to sharing more very soon!