News: Reflecting on the Successful 1st Conference on Sustainability and Data

Exploring the Intersection of Sustainability, Data and Digital Solutions: The 1st Conference on Sustainability and Data, held virtually on the 12th of September, brought together a distinguished lineup of experts, researchers, and practitioners who are driving the field of sustainability forward.

In today’s world, sustainability data plays a pivotal role in evaluating and advancing progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both public and private organizations are increasingly utilizing digital tools to measure sustainability performance, encompassing metrics like carbon footprint, energy consumption, gender diversity, equal pay, employment, and financial results. However, with the rise of sustainability data, new challenges have emerged in its governance, management, and utilization, leaving practitioners and researchers at the crossroads, searching for solutions to address these issues.

The Conference on Sustainability and Data provided a dynamic platform where sustainability and IT experts, managers, and policymakers could congregate to exchange their experiences and confront the challenges related to sustainability data. The conference aimed to explore key concepts, practices, and processes essential for making SDGs more practical and achievable. It underscored the pivotal role that digital solutions play in advancing the SDGs, emphasizing the significance of sustainability data and its impact on sustainable practices.

Recognizing the need to bridge fragmented conversations and knowledge gaps within the Sustainability and Data field, the event was thoughtfully curated by the organizers from the IT University of Copenhagen and the University of Münster. It provided a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners involved in sustainability data governance, strategy, and management to connect and collaborate. The timing of the conference was particularly poignant, aligning with the 2023 SDG Summit at the UN headquarters in New York, serving as a timely reminder to decision-makers of the innovative data solutions and challenges ahead.

To ensure that all the key points from the great presentations were documented and helping participants grasp and retain the essential takeaways in a memorable way, Brain2Business was present to skillfully perform live illustrations of the full program. For a quick sum-up of the conference, please have a look at the great drawings it left us with. Also don’t miss out on your chance to watch or re-watch the presentations, which are now available as recordings for a month – sign up here.

The conference was not only highly informative but also a fun and generous experience. We extend our gratitude to all the participants and, especially, to the speakers who shared their invaluable knowledge. It left us refreshed, inspired and eager to continue these discussions through collaborations, research endeavors, and, of course, the future 2nd Conference on Sustainability of Data!