CALL FOR PAPERS: HCI for Digital Democracy and Citizen Participation

Image by NewUnion_org from Pixabay

This IFIP WG 13.8 workshop on HCI for Digital Democracy and Citizen Participation will take place preceding INTERACT2023, in York, UK, on 28 or 29 August 2023 (TBC). Online attendance will be allowed.

This workshop will explore and discuss how Human Computer Interaction (HCI) as a field of knowledge and practice can contribute to develop plat-forms for digital democracy and participation. These issues are mainly seen at two levels: (1) the optimal design of the digital environment of citizen participation platforms, and (2) explore how HCI can contribute to the de-velopment of new trends in Political Science, such as e-democracy. The practice of designing digital platforms for citizen participation and democ-racy could benefit greatly from a multidisciplinary sociotechnical approach that incorporates into design reflection on issues of democratic theory and practice, legal and political science. Researchers have sought to articulate design patterns and evaluation tools for these platforms with general per-spectives on the democraticity of the processes they sustain. But citizen participation systems give rise to specific problems related to usability and user experience. The user is both the institution, company, formal, and in-formal collective, as well as the subjects that interact with these platforms. This workshop proposes a multidisciplinary exploration and discussion about design of digital platforms for citizen participation and democracy, including issues such as the necessary digital and technological resources, typology of tools that allow communication (to share knowledge), create community (to find and integrate individuals into a collective) and cooperation between individuals (to achieve common community goals), legality of the decisions taken in these platforms or subjective trust in their general function.

The target audience for this workshop includes researchers and practitioners from different disciplines working on topics related to Digital Democracy and Citizen Participation in HCI. Early-stage researchers and PhD students are also encouraged to submit work-in-progress papers.