REFLACT Summer Seminar 2022

In June 2022, REFLACT held its first Summer Seminar!

The two-day seminar had two objectives:

1. For each research group member to develop individual research ideas.
2. To cultivate collaboration and shared research topics across the group.

In addition, as a newly found research group, we also discussed some group-relevant issues.

During the research idea development session, group members shared the research topics they were currently working on, and we had the opportunity for both individual and collective idea development. Then we identified several key research areas that were shared among group members and the potential topics for future collaborations.

During the research group meeting, we discussed some Business IT (BIT) related issues, including Reflact’s group identity (website, logo design, accessories, campaigns), budget and autumn plans (receptions and guest speakers) as well as visiting scholar invitations, etc..

The seminar ended with a success as members of the research group had valuable time to get to know each other’s work, and more importantly, it offered a great platform for us to work with each other in the future.