eGames Lab

The eGames Lab is a unique egames development and creative industries cluster in Portugal, bringing together 14 companies, R&D centres and public & private entities in order to leverage the competitiveness of the sector and positioning itself globally.

 The eGames Lab is a national cluster established in Portugal (Madeira, Azores, Lisbon, and Évora) with close ties and cooperation with Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA), and AmazonWebServices (AWS) GameTech in London (UK) as well as with industry players and consultants from games hub in Copenhagen (Denmark). The consortium has formal support from major industry leaders, such as Sony Playstation, Dell’s Alienware and Singapore’s EnjinStarter Launchpad. The consortium will also work with the prestigious University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and the famous HitLab (one of the best Virtual Reality in the world labs).

Author: eGames Lab

Researcher: Lene Nielsen